What to choose: web site template or custom development?

In our era of rapid development and growth of the Internet and Internet technology, more and more companies understand that the presence of the site has positive impact on business development.There is no doubt about that, but one question: what site has a positive impact on business and do not do heaps of problems?.

Answers to this question can be different depending on the parameters of the question. In this article we want the parameter of the website is made to analyze. There are two main varieties â € “can be custom developed website or you can off-the-shelf solution ready to buy a site. It is these two types of sites appear to be discussed in this article.

Yes, version 1: You decided you do not want to be like all the rest and that your company deserves a lot and constantly, your company’s website, the best in the world, especially considering that it is a very important part of your business . Welcome to the category of people willing to a custom developed website (exclusive and perfect) to get. Advantages of such a site:

* Custom web development is always taking into account current and future (most importantly) needs of the market and customers;
* Each area of activity, and the audience has so much information that you will be able to provide;
* You get exactly what you wanted as a result of a custom Web site development;
* To enjoy and benefit from your websites into work, you must continually develop and improve (both in content and functionality).It is difficult to do with off-the-shelf solutions, but custom-developed sites can easily be improved, developed and changed.

Unfortunately, this version of website development is not ideal.There are two major drawbacks: time and money. Custom website development is a laborious and time-consuming (of course, timing of development depends on the first place, your wishes), and therefore the major expenses. So if you have time and a big budget for the project, take this variation into account.

Second option: you have to get to the site (probably not the most special) as soon as possible and it is highly desirable that site should not be very expensive. You belong to people who need website, so to speak, pro forma. In this case, site will not be used to run the company but will act as a means to inform the company so that the functionality can be very simple. If so, there is no doubt that it will be better for off-the-shelf solution to choose. We have already mentioned the great advantages of such solutions, which are time and money. As for disadvantages, there are a little more of them:

* First, you will not be able to achieve profitable unique goals of your company (if any);
* Off-the-shelf solutions do not take into account your needs and requirements, so you will have to manage your work with what the solution;
* Every time you decide to change or add to your site, you must contact the developers for help.

So, these are the basic advantages and disadvantages of two important ways from the site acquisition. Of course we can provide advice, for example, not to the website for yourself to create the site will be used by your customers and their needs are of the highest priority and others. But in general, you should decide which variant of the above to choose. The key is to clearly define why you and your company need a website and what you will use.

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