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Web-based monitoring of SMTP email servers is usually performed using one of the two different approaches. The first uses a socket level connection to verify the target server is operational. The second, more comprehensive method is round-robin sending messages to your e-mail system and its subcomponents. Depending on your needs, hardware and company size both have validity and [...]

Become your hard drive doctor??

Hard drives are the main data storage areas of a computer. There are a lot of delicate electrical and magnetic instruments in a hard disk. For the purposes of maintaining these hard drives, it is important to understand their work. The hard drives contain a read / write head and a spindle motor. This head receives electrical impulses from [...]

Computers: External Hard Drive Recovery

You can use your computer data in several ways. Data can be stored on removable disks, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, and other forms of media. Although there are several ways you can change your information, at a given point in time the electronic or mechanical device is bound to break, resulting in a loss of data. Although [...]

Physical Damages of Hard disk

When clicking sound starts out hard drive, this indicates that the hard disk is a phenomenon. This only happens when power fluctuate while you are on the computer. This shows that your hard drive is physically damaged. Some of the hard disks give message when such sounds are starting to find that a mistake has been reached. Such [...]

How To Properly Install A New Video Card

Your video card is one of those components in your computer that you want to learn as much about both the possibility to learn how to remove the old and installing a new card quickly.Playing these great games will be that much fun with this one muscle bound video cards to boost video performance up With [...]

The History Of Microcomputers

The history of microcomputers can not compare with the history of ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq). Microcomputers (now commonly held as PCs) have been around for only 25 â € “30 years. It is good to have some knowledge of this history, both some perspective of where we are to give and to know where some of our [...]

How To Correct A Slow Running Computer

You push the button on your computer and 5 minutes later you’re finally ready to start computing.It seems like it takes forever and one day for your computer to work, why? Probably the main reason your system is dragging the ground because of all the junk that runs in the background that you do not [...]

How To Speed Up Your PC.

One of the most annoying things I’ve noticed with personal computers is the remarkable reduction in speed and performance when the system gets older. When I first buy the system or if I freshly installed Windows the whole system seems to zip along, programs open faster the system will start faster. A few months of hard use [...]

DeFragging Your Hard Drive

A multi-tasker needs all the RAM his PC will handle. I just increased mine to 2GB and I can tell a big difference. On the other hand, 512 is a pretty healthy amount of internal memory for a notebook – especially if you have a PIV processor. If you have a Celeron, however, it needs a lot of [...]

The Different Memory Cards And The Speed Of Some Of Them

The MMC and Secure Digital cards are not the same but are interchangeable. The difference has to do with copy protection on the disk volume on the SD card. This extra feature makes the SD attractive for people who use them to MP3 players. No other cards are interchangeable. The Canon Power Shot A510 can set comes with only [...]

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